To Apply:

please email us at, sending a brief description, video, photos, your CV and any other supporting material for your work.  Chosen artists are provided with up to 4 hours of free rehearsal time.  The studio provides a simple theater light set up, sound, beamer, microphone, mixer, technical assistance and a video of your work.

Monthly open studio night for LAKE resident artists, and invited Berlin/international guests to informally present their works-in-progress. Post - showings, a guided discussion is held for watchers and artists to exchange in dialogue.  




Coming up: Vol. 68, July 31st 20H

With new work by

Maya Carrol and Roy Carrol

Jessy Tuddenham

and Emmilou Rössling


Password: unfinished68

Entrance: Free

2021 Dates:

V. 69, September 25th

V. 70, October 30th

V. 71, November 20th