To Apply:

please email us at lakestudiosberlin@gmail.com, sending a brief description, video, photos, your CV and any other supporting material for your work.  Chosen artists are provided with up to 4 hours of free rehearsal time.  The studio provides a simple theater light set up, sound, beamer, microphone, mixer, technical assistance and a video of your work.

Monthly open studio night for LAKE resident artists, and invited Berlin/international guests to informally present their works-in-progress. Post - showings, a guided discussion is held for watchers and artists to exchange in dialogue.  

The Unfinished Fridays are centered around the idea that the performance of a work before it is “finished” allows for transformation that could not occur within the rehearsal process alone. Additionally the moderated feedback session with diverse audience (professionals mixed with local community) allows for a constructive exchange around the works which provide vital feedback to the continuing creation process of the artist.



U N F I N I S H E D   F R I D A Y S  

live event

V. 80 … 27th May, 19:30h

with new works/excerpts by residents:

Judith Förster, Leila Bakhti, Nicole Zaray Meter,

Mary Pearson

Full program available on the FB event:


Entrance: Free

Next Date:

Vol 81.: June 17, 2022

Vol 82.: August 5, 2022

Vol 83. (Digital Body) : September 30, 2022

UF discussion foto.png