C O M I N G   U P : 

S U B M E R G E   F E S T I V A L

Getting into the Work - Dance Workshop and Performance Festival

From August 3rd to September 12th 2020 we had an inspiring time with all of you during our SUBMERGE FESTIVAL. Thank you for coming – in person or online – engaging, submerging, and sharing your visions in the workshops and performances. Although the numbers were less, the work was intense and the exchanges were no less meaningful. We are grateful for the support of the Berlin Senat City Tax to allow this format to take place. Eagerly we await next years' festival in summer of 2021!

 performed and led by: 

Jonathan Burrows, Jeremy Wade,

Lea Martini, Dennis Deter, Sasha Amaya,

Sonya Levin, Irina Demina and the 

Yasmeen Godder Company

View more info about the festival HERE.

Image: Jonas Fischer

U N F I N I S H E D   F R I D A Y   (&  S A T U R D A Y )


Online with live chat:

V. 70 … 20th November 20:00

V. 71 … 21st November 20:00

with new work by residents:

V. 70: David Pallant, Emily

Ranford & Naima Mazic

V. 71: Fergus Johnson,

Barbara Conde & Maria Coma,


Password: unfinished70&71

Entrance: Free

Due to COVID there will only be very limited live seating: lakestudiosberlin@gmail.com

We are grateful for any donations:


We are happy to announce another open call to Berlin based artists for a residency this Fall addressing the subject of performance in virtual spaces.


This residency is supported by Troikatronix/Mark Coniglio and the Berlin Senat Residenz Pilotprogram.

Congratulations to the selected artists 2020:

Emily Ranford & David Pallant !

More information HERE

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Image from 2017 resident Rodrigo Zarate Marfil

W I N T E R  2020 / 2021 RESIDENCY CALL :

We are thrilled to announce that through sponsoring by the Residenzförderprogramm Pilotprojekt of the Berlin Senat we will be having an open call for Berlin based artists for two 6 week paid residency periods this Winter 2020.  There will be two periods 1.12.2020 - 10.1.2021 and 11.1.2021 - 21.2.2021 available to six artists.

We propose 3 different topics for applying for these residencies:

1. Light & Movement - Proposed collaboration between a choreographer and light designer/visual artist who works with light installations

2. Political Body

3. Open Theme

Congratulations to chosen artists:  Michelle Moura, Anna Nowicka,

Amie Jammeh, Lois Alexander, Marten Spangberg, and Gisem Aksu !!

A R T I S T   R E S I D E N C I E S 

Free spaces available from March 2021

Applications on a rolling basis.

More information HERE.

Rosabel Huguet & Marcela Giesche, Photo Roger Rossel

O P E N   T R A I N I N G   

Professional Classes

with resident artists:

M - 9:30 - 11H, W - 10:30 - 12H, 

F - 9:30 - 11H

5€ per class

Please register beforehand:


Sahara Morimoto © Marcela Giesche

Supported by: