Movement Artisans :  

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Movement Artisans are driven by an ongoing curiosity for movement research, the wonder of the human body and the art of transmission. Together, Kira Kirsch & Antoine Ragot bring many years of teaching through the lense of the Axis Syllabus. Their backgrounds in contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, improvisation, sport science, pedagogy, hands-on intra-action and somatic communication build a rich palette of inquisitive material.

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Module 1 January 20th to 24th (5 days)


Ramping & Transitioning Skills

BMC - Organs

Module 2 March 23rd to 27th (5 days)

Shoulder Girdle

Undulatory Coordination

Polyrhythms in Body and Music

Module 3 June 17th to 24th (8 days)

Applied Paleoanthropology & Comparative Anatomy

Tone, Tension, Tissue Response

Contact Improvisation  

Open Ateliers facilitated by senior students

Modules in September & November  2020 T:B:A


Kira Kirsch (all modules)

Antoine Ragot (all modules)

Francesca Pedullà (module 2)

BMC teacher tbc, Guest speakers, musicians


Add On - Semester Cycle with 3 Module 2020

As our 5 module program of 2019/20 filled very fast, we are happy to announce an additional cycle with 3 Modules starting January 2020 at Lake Studios in Berlin. The program serves as foundation for new students to the Axis Syllabus or provides a deepening and continuing practice for the more experienced. Each module weaves together a matrix of material that offers insights as well as guidance, and inspires autodidact studies. In this smaller cycle we continue to include a Body-Mind-Centering perspective and Contact Improvisation as well as expanding the Axis Syllabus teaching team with Francesca Pedullà and her unique approach.  Beside daily classes there are laboratory times in the studio for studying anatomy books, experimenting with and building models, small group discussions, task oriented applications of principles, constraint led learning or building bridges towards other complimentary physical practices.

As always we invite somatic experts, speakers and leave room for some surprises (outdoor sessions, jams, dissection…) to expand the modes of learning and experiencing. 

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