This summer Lake Studios hosts the second edition of an intensive festival dedicated to submerging into specific performance works of our invited dance artists. The workshops are conceived as embodied »re-creative« labs into the making of these pieces. The artists will share their creative processes, movement techniques, choreographic / improvisational methods, and conceptual journeys through the crafting of their works. Workshop participants also receive a free ticket to the performance – giving them a full experience from inside to out.


 August 7 - September 8  


4 day workshops: 140€ 1st workshop, 120€ 2nd Workshop, 100€ 3rd workshop

2 day workshops: 70€ 1st workshop, 50€ 2nd Workshop, 30€ 3rd workshop

Choreographer's Lab: Free (with registration)

Combinations of 2 and 4 days workshops possible with discount.


WEEK 1: August 7 - 10


Lightness and Ease

The workshop will focus on exercises and improvisational methods used in the creation of “On A Clear Day” and Milla's other works. The days will begin with physical exercises that are designed to evoke precision, clarity, lightness, energy, presence, and dynamics. During the workshop we will focus on: starting points for the work, sources of inspiration, translating ideas into physicality, defining, composing, and structuring material, and discussing interdisciplinary collaborations.

On A Clear Day

M - Th: 10 - 15H


Milla Koistinen graduated from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki, Finland with an MA in dance and from HZT Berlin with MA in choreography.  She has worked with Kristian Smeds, Hiroaki Umeda, Peter Verhelst (NTGent/Johan Simons), Cie Heddy Maalem, Christine Gaigg, Hans van den Broeck and Les Ballets du Grand Maghreb.  Since 2008 she has been creating her own work which have been performed at HAU, Tanzhaus NRW, Mad House Helsinki, Ballhaus Ost and Uferstudios Berlin. She has been a guest teacher at SEAD Salzburg, the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Tanzhaus NRW, HZT Berlin, and Sasha Waltz & Guests amongst others.

WEEK 2: August 14 - 17


“Because these wings are no longer wings to fly but merely fans to beat the air. The air which is now thoroughly small and dry. Smaller and dryer than the will.” – T.S. Eliot

Dark Tales - Creative Lab

A dark tale can be as magical and poetic as it is sombre and upsetting. This starting point has brought up many questions on the notion of meeting: meeting the other, but also meeting the self and the past - including truths we don't always desire to see.  We will study how in meeting, together or alone, our bodies tell a story: sometimes through abstract movements, sometimes through more figurative ones. We will also explore playing with the relationship between fiction and reality / truth and illusion.

    As a result of the meeting of our two artistic universes, the workshop will mix elements from contemporary dance and performance.

Untied Tales 

(the vanished power of the usual reign)

M - Th: 10 - 15H


After dancing for numerous choreographers, including Georges Stamos and Benoit Lachambre who strongly influenced her work, Clara Furey decided in 2003 to focus on choreographic creation and performance art. Her artistic concerns come into focus through a questioning of the notions of “savage” and “social” beings. Exploring the duality of solitary and community living, Clara choreographs and performs the role of the primeval human—inexhaustible, savage, wandering—whose survival instinct is perpetually active.


Peter Jasko was born in Slovakia. He took his first dance classes at the folk dance company Dumbier Slovakia. He then graduated  from the Conservatory J.L. Bella of Dance, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. He continued his education at P.A.R.T.S. (2002). He danced for Zuzana Hajkova, Barberio Corsetti & Fatou Traore, and Company Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. For 17 years, Peter collaborated as a performer and assistant to David Zambrano. Since 2002 Peter has taught in dance schools, international festivals, and  for professional companies. Peter is co-founder of Les SlovaKs Dance Collective. In 2014 he started his collaborative work with Clara Furey in Montreal.

WEEK 3: August 21 - 22


An Animal Came Back

M - T: 10 - 15H

So A Swan Walks Into A Bar…

Narrative and Dance

In contrast to 19th century ballet, much of modern dance has eschewed the idea of linear story-telling, preferring to relate to concepts, emotions, or physical states. This workshop re-examines the idea of narrative in relation to the moving body: how does dance tell a story, and how does story become a dance? In this workshop, we will dance, speak, write, pantomime, tell jokes, sing, move, and discuss this question in physical and theoretical explorations.


Kareth Schaffer (1987, USA/NL) works as an independent choreographer and performer. Her choreographic work includes a piece about a story she won’t tell you (An Animal Went Out, 2016); an exhaustive examination of foley as a choreographic tool (Unheard Of, 2016); a multi-language danced manifesto (Letter to Dance, 2016); and a conceptual mudwrestling tournament with a dubious 100,000 views on Youtube (Dirty Money Mudwrestling, 2015). Schaffer regularly works with and for other artists such as deufert&plischke, Tino Sehgal, Stefanie Wenner, Christian Falsnaes, Roni Katz, and Alexandra Pirici.


WEEK 3: August 24 - 25

Arouna Guindo, Ronnie Heller,

Stuart Meyers, Julia B. Laperrière

Dates / Times:

TH:  Workshop Julia: 10 – 13H  Workshop Ronnie: 14 – 17H

FR:   Workshop Stuart: 10 – 13H   Workshop Arouna: 14 – 17H


COST: Free (with registration/motivation letter)

Surviving Dance Moments: accidents are a part of our life. The outcome of these "out of our control moments"; is subject to our instinctive patterns. These acquired and inherited patterns will determine how we react in relation to gravity, space and time. Intentionally entering controlled accidents and gradually letting go of control can allow us to train and re-pattern our instincts, to react faster and with greater skill and therefore to take on greater risks with more security as we fly, fall and crash. The dancers foot is skilled and perfected to meet the floor softly and silently with great intensity and speed. It is my current fascination as choreographer and performer to try to achieve this with the body as a whole while meeting the floor and other bodies. Modified techniques from Martial Arts, Booth, early Contact Improvisation (fall after Newton), Gymnastics, Primal Practice; Feldenkrais and Improvisation shall be applied. Please come with long sleeved clothes for protection and bring knee and elbow pads if you need.

Uncovering choreography:  How to turn images and inspiration into movement and choreography ? This workshop will recreate the path leading to the creation of the solo Uncovered Woman, using images (magazines, paintings, photos) and daily life as inspirations, and integrating work with objects on a visual, tactile, and metaphorical level. We will use automatic writing, tasks and improvisational scores to generate material, that we will then reshape and rediscover with the help of a partner. This workshop will not aim to recreate the original solo, but rather propose a frame and offer tools for each participant to go on their own creative journey.

 Workshop A: Julia B Laperrière 

 Workshop B: Ronnie Heller 

 Workshop C: Stuart Meyers 

SOD is an open, fertile space. It’s the ground onto which grass grows, the mystery space underneath layers of story, the abbreviation for “Sodomite”– one who constantly challenges, queers and f**** what we know. How can we allow for this SOD space, this vibratory underneathness, in making work?

In this workshop, we will make space for the SOD, first by warming into alternative states, activating ourselves, each other and the room. We will then create clear physical scores– silent, narrative scenes, and using cinematic techniques, such as jump cuts, rewinds, fast forwards, slow motion and replays, we will disrupt their flow. In doing so, we explore how to reveal the SOD– a queer, mysterious undertow, finding new ways to deepen our compositional work.

 Workshop D: Arouna Guindo 

ROCK THE FLOOR: (Hip-Hop – Contemporary dance workshop)

The workshop I would like to lead is based on the materials of the work "Toguna". 

Toguna is a contemporary experimental hip-hop solo work, that deals with the subject of conflict between our inside world and our environment. The term Toguna comes a low structure which invites palavers within the Dogon culture (Mali, West Africa) where I am originally from. Two or more individuals enter this neutral space, in order to diagnose and solve conflicts within their relationship and after a long discussion, harmony is re-established. In the workshop we will practice repertoire from Toguna together with universal "top dance" and "floor rock" steps together with elements from the West Africans Hip-Hop style. The participants will practice basic steps of Afro Bit and Urban Dancemoves and incorporating them in improvisation sessions. By looking for their own story and their personal “I”, the participants will be encouraged to work with inner conflicts within themselves in relation to the others and the events around us. I hope to deal with the question of how to dance and be "cool" while staying aware of the movement, of myself and of my surroundings yet independent and open to freestyle?

We will be working together with African music.

Julia B. Laperrière is a Berlin based choreographer and performer from Montreal. An honour’s graduate of the Dance BA at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), she has since her graduation presented her work in Montreal and internationally (Canada, France, Mexico and Germany). Julia also collaborates as a performer with artists such as Manon Oligny,Diego Agullo, Alfredo Zinola, and Michael Müller, enthusiastically blurring boundaries between dance, theatre, performance, media and visual arts. Julia creates striking images of visual poetry, that she then embodies with generosity, aiming to confront, question and touch

her audience. 

Ronnie Heller - Dancer, teacher & choreographer, born I the U.S.A, living and working in Tel Aviv Israel. Ronnie is a B. Dance graduate from the Jerusalem academy of music &; dance and a Former member of Clipa theater, working as an independent choreo-grapher and freelance dancer, founder and director of Ronnie Heller Dance-Theater. Ronnie is teaching body- theater, composition and repertoire of her work in the B. Dance program within the movement department at the Jerusalem Music and Dance academy in Jerusalem and studying there on scho-larship of excellence for her Masters degree in choreography.

Stuart Meyers is a Berlin and NYC-based performing artist and creator. A graduate of Boston University, Stuart apprenticed Robert Wilson at The Watermill Center and worked with Christopher Williams, Thomas Bo Nilsson, Julian Webber, Colette Sadler and Tino Sehgal.  He created the solos “On The Rocks” in the US and “Witch Dance” in Berlin, along with the film “Tap Dancing in the Outfield” for “contes/xting SPORT,” a queer and feminist sports exhibition he co-curated in Berlin. Stuart’s currently working on a new solo funded by the Berlin Senat entitled "The Shabbos Queen," a Shabbat dinner experience interwoven with personal and mythical storytelling about being queer and Jewish today. He is a certified hypnotist and is training in Kabbalistc dream work.

Arouna Guindo, was born in Ivory Coast in 1990. After many years of travelling within West Africa, since 2000 he is based in Cotonou, Benin. Since 2008 he works as a teacher and trainer in some of the main centres for dance and art in Benin and neighbouring countries (Institute Francais Cotonou, Centre Choreographique Multicorps and Lome-Togo). He used to be part of the "Kaletas" and "Djembe" crews and winner of the "hip-hop academy" (2010) and "talents d'Afrique" (2011) competitions. Apart from this, during the years he developed a career as a performer and choreographer and his works were presented on the main stages in Benin

WEEK 4: August 28-29



M - T: 10 - 15H

The body of listening and the thingness of the voice

              Relating to ways of creation and perception used in Tian’s work, this workshop explores different strategies and inquiries into listening and the use of voice. Via breath and voice work, rhythmic rituals, immersive states of listening, odd situations, talking and singing to our bodies, we make our way through what sound and voice can offer us. The voice is a place where body and mind meet, and the ears are always open - can't close. Sound has the characteristic of being both material and immaterial. What can this awareness produce when  merely listening to an environment, to time, to materiality, to another person? What can be become precarious? What happens if we follow the odd logic of sound?


Tian Rotteveel studied music composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Holland and dance & choreography at HZT in Berlin. He has created 4 stage works which til date are active and touring. In his work Tian is committed to the practice of movement, sound and speech which he treats as interchangeable with each other . Sound and movement in his work are processes that can materialize into meaning, but as well into mere sensation.  He is currently developing a new solo work around the question “could music possibly be a surrogate of  language?”.


WEEK 4: September 1 - 2


Repeater - Dance Piece with Father

FR: 10 - 15H, SA: 11 - 15H

Intense laconic dialoguing

In this workshop, we will play with one of the approaches to movement we used in “Repeater”: Laban’s movement qualities. In a mix of improvisation and setting movements, we will mostly look at how to work with these qualities in order to develop a sense of laconically dialoguing in and through movement. What are the underlying and informative impulses, thoughts and emotions in this setting? How can they reverberate and influence the intensities and qualities of moving together? Where does it start and where does it end?


Martin Nachbar works in the field of contemporary dance and performance. He tours internationally with his works, and he teaches regularly at places such as SNDO, HZT Berlin, TRINITIY LABAN, FU Berlin, University Hamburg, SEAD, and PARTS. Martin has published on his research in numerous magazines and publications worldwide.


WEEK 5: September 4 - 7


7 Sins   /   Bääattle!

M - TH: 10 - 15H

Getting to Know Yourself

The first half of each day's workshop will be based on Artem Kornilov’s personal view on experimental dance and how he perceives it to express the depths of the conscious and subconscious mind & body. He will focus on the major influences, techniques, and ideas, which helped him to create a personal style and share the methods in which he found them.


The second half of the workshop will be led by Vanya (Ivan Sakhnov) and will go into the concepts and methods behind the group TAET VREMYA’s approach, interventions, and styles of self-expression in the underground dance battle scene. Creating, re-framing or destroying images, breaking down rules and boundaries, and surprising your partner/opponent with the unexpected, are all tactics that will be explored in this physically and mentally challenging workshop.



TAET VREMYA is an International artist movement collective uniting artists from different genres, styles, and ideologies. They advocate for the physical perception of life, and protest against outdated social practices, commonness, and contemporary pop-culture. They exist beyond the borders of time, but reflect its spirit, here and now.