SUBMERGE V.3: 20.8.2018 - 25.8.2018 : invited artist - K E I T H  H E N N E S S E Y

Each Summer Lake Studios Berlin hosts SUBMERGE FESTIVAL, an intensive series of workshops and performances, dedicated to submerging into specific performance works of our invited dance artists. The workshops are conceived as embodied »re-creative« labs into the making of these pieces. The artists share their creative processes, movement techniques, choreographic / improvisational methods, and conceptual journeys through the crafting of their works. Workshop participants also receive a free ticket to the performance – giving them a full experience from inside to out.      


Video Trailer SUBMERGE FESTIVAL 2017:

2 0 1 8   S U B M E R G E  Festival  V.3


Workshop: 20 - 23 August, 10:00-16:00h

Performance: SINK (Variations) 25. August 20H


Prices Workshop including performance ticket: 

Price: 180€

Supporter Price: 220€


Performance Ticket: 12€ reduced /15€ normal


                                             S I N K


An intimate solo of rants, dance, and chants by Keith Hennessy

Sink’s approach to current politics waivers between punk and contemplative, transformative and fucked. Loneliness, a lifejacket, a white man, a shadow dance, a long angry sad song, and love, suspended.  The performance is an embodied response to the current political, economic, and social shifts that have produced not only Trump and Brexit, Erdogan and Duterte, but also the bombing of a Sufi temple in Sinai, the repeated killing of journalists in Mexico, increased visibility of the neo-fascist right in the US and abroad, and the mass shootings in Charleston, Parkland, and Las Vegas. Sink features poetic texts, contemplative dances, dark satire, plaintive chanting, re-processed nazi music, and an aerial dance. An intimate and confrontational portrait of the current era through the embodied perspective of a middle aged, white, gay male artist.

"There is something queer about Sink, a political purge in heels, a ritualized communal healing, a street-smart shamanic journey... Sink is unsinkable, heavy in content and reality, buoyantly hopeful in its alchemy." - David Moreno, Culture Vulture

Trailer SINK:

Keith Hennessey

Keith Hennessy was born in a mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada, lives in San Francisco, and tours internationally. He is an award-winning performer, choreographer, teacher and organizer. Hennessy directs Circo Zero, a laboratory for live performance that plays with genre and expectation. Rooted in dance, Hennessy’s work embodies a unique hybrid of performance art, music, visual and conceptual art, circus, and ritual.

Hennessy's awards include the Sui Generis Award (2017), Guggenheim Fellowship (2017), United States Artist Kjenner Fellowship (2012), a Bilinski Fellowship (2011), a NY Bessie (2009) for Crotch, Isadora Duncan Dance Awards (1998, 2000, 2009) for performance, dance activism, and visual design, a Goldie (2007) and the Alpert/MacDowell Fellowship in Dance (2005). Keith’s 2016-17 collaborators include Peaches, Meg Stuart, Scott Wells, Jassem Hindi, J Jha, Annie Danger, Gerald Cassel, and the collaboratives Blank Map and Turbulence. Keith's recent teaching in universities, independent studios, and festivals includes VAC Foundation (Moscow), Ponderosa (Germany), FRESH (SF), HZT (Berlin), Movement Research (NYC), Impulstanz (Vienna), Portland State University, Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam), St. Mary's, and Warsaw Flow International CI Festival. Keith's writings have been published in Contact Quarterly, Movement Research Journal, Performance Research (UK), Society of Dance History Scholars Journal, Dance Theatre Journal (UK), SF MOMA's Open Space, Itch, Front, and In Dance.