Double Bill 

 6. & 7. September 

Zwei Künstlerinnen wurden ausgewählt um in einer Residenz in den LAKE Studios neue Arbeiten zu entwickeln. An zwei Abenden werden sie uns ihre Tanzperformances präsentieren.

Tickets (14,- €):

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Dance Party by Grace Euna Kim

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Undone (a breath score) by Agnė Auželytė

As an interdisciplinary performance artist and creator with a strong focus on motion research, Agnė Auželytė has been searching for new ways to relate to movement after experimenting with various disciplines such as music, textiles, video, text, light design in recent years. Questioning the politics of art making, art community, and how we can shift these politics to make them accessible for participation, she looks for ways to express, perform, ignite and sustain her activism from a position of power and privilege. Searching for a definition of meaning. For recipes for transformation.

In a previous piece – »Undone (a heart score)« – two performers ran for one hour with no audience present, pushing their pulse to the limit, entering the stage at the peak, at a moment of collapse… to start a concert. »Undone (a breath score)« further develops the concept: A private pre-performance practice of holotropic breathing leads into an improvisation set on various keyboards with the presence of an audience. The performers create a soundscape and visual poem where the fragments of movement and musical structures continually crumble and get dismantled.

With her piece, Agnė Auželytė is fighting against aesthetic expectations and questions the borders of the dance and music genre. She looks for embodied sounds and how a particular physical and psychic state can induce certain movements or sonic qualities that come from a rather intuitive, non-logical, non-rational place. The performers are going beyond the desire to create, to express, to communicate, and into an energetic channeling, employing empathy and intuition as the main strategies for acting. The research aims towards developing a methodology, a more defined practice in listening and sonic creations, and examines what embodied sound making can be and where it could go.