Events at Lake Studios   

 Double Bill 

 December 6th & 7th 

Our Double Bill features two selected artists currently in residency to create new dance performance pieces. They will share their work on two nights at LAKE Studios.

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Undone (a breath score) by Agnė Auželytė and Stephen Doyle

»Undone (a breath score)« is a second segment in a performance triptic exploring the idea of somatic sound making and non-ordinary state driven improvisation scores created in collaboration by Agnė Auželytė, a Berlin based dance maker and an Amsterdam based musician Stephen Doyle. 
In a previous piece – »Undone (a heart score)« – the two performers ran for an extended period of time with no audience present. The show begins with them entering the stage at the moment of collapse. This work aimed to find sound and movement that unfolds from an altered physical state and from one's heart. The performers created a soundscape and a visual poem where the fragments of movement and musical structures continually crumbled and got dismantled.
»Undone (a breath score)« further develops the concept: here the artists engage with a Holotropic Breathwork practice in order to explore a non-ordinary state of consciousness that leads into an improvisation score on various keyboards. The performers seek to build a sonic landscape, where the audience is invited to surrender to a ghostly dream and take a journey inwards, held in a continuous drone. Images appear and disappear, fade over each other, voices rise from underneath the notes as bodies and sounds travel in the space. A slow dance for all things lost unfolds, as the work dissolves into a transpersonal territory of a collective unconscious narrative. 

In both of these »Undone« segments, the performers are fighting against aesthetic expectations and questioning the borders of the dance and music genre. They look for embodied sounds and how a particular physical and psychic state can induce certain movements or sonic qualities that come from a rather intuitive, non-logical, non-rational place. The performers are going beyond the desire to create, to express, to communicate, and into an energetic channeling, employing empathy and intuition as the main strategies for acting. The research aims towards developing a methodology, a more defined practice in listening and sonic creations, and examines what embodied sound making can be and what forms it can inhabit. 

Costumes: Lisa Simpson (Agente Costura)

1912-agne-20191119 keytropic holoboards

Photo: Ludger Storcks


Dance Party (the apocalypse is disappointing) by Grace Euna Kim


Image: Acid Bodies – Moabit Action, Berlin, 2019

Grace Euna Kim’s ongoing research looks at the psychic life of ideology and social fiction, and the body as a site of resistance in crisis. During the residency she has developed the new immersive performance work »Dance Party (the apocalypse is disappointing)« – a song for the faint of heart.
Grace Euna Kim is a New York born Korean-American performance and visual artist, pedagogue, and researcher based in Berlin. She has devised immersive performances in diverse site-specific contexts—from citywide public interventions; to cultural and educational institutions; to the intimacy of a private home. Drawn from psychoanalytic theories and approaches, her practice engages immersive methods as a means to question, dismantle, and reinvent the theatre of the audience themselves, and thereby work through embedded social and political issues. Grace Euna Kim has presented her work in various art and research-oriented contexts, recently including ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin (2019), Schauspiel Leipzig (2019), ASCA University of Amsterdam (2019), Frankfurt Lab (2018), Solyanka VPA State Gallery, Moscow (2018), Northwestern University, USA (2018), Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona (2017), Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg (2017), Cité de l’Image, Luxembourg (2016), and Seoul Museum (2016). She holds an MA in Philosophy of Media and Communication, and is currently a PhD candidate in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought at the European Graduate School (CH).