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AUGUST 28th 14 - 19h & 29th 10 - 15h live event

with moderators Lea Martini & Noha Ramadan and online contributions by Antje Pfundtner & Johan Forsman *

Exchange forum for professional dance & performance artists supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media #TakeAction. 


collective retrospection on heterogenous impacts of pandemia 


if we had a moment, a tiny moment 

hovering in proximity

not yet in the position to participate the worlds to come

not yet collecting essential skills, tools, resouces to entangle in futures

not getting up yet 


what could we tell each other?

what the fuck happened to us, me, them, you, her, others in the last one and a half years? where have we been? how are you? how are the bodies? what are they made of? 

what made your days? 

any discoveries, may they be most intimate, imply social visions, hacks for your practice, or all mashed up anyway? which imaginations could have never been imagined otherwise?

what do you want to keep, what not? 

what did we miss that we can‘t miss any longer?

where can we relate to each other and where - even if we try - not?


a two day attempt to memorize and detect what might have exceeded comprehension

during the last one and a half years and asks for digestion. 

now that the cultural life has started to appear again in full speed, it seems precious  to take time to look back, to acknowledge the locally and globally immense shifts, their impact on all levels, their touch way beyond the places in the oral cavity.


by using their knowledge from performance, choreography and the organisation of groups within the artistic and social realm antje pfundtner, johan forsman , noha ramadan and lea martini will suggest a non-organic structure to try this collective retrospection.

dreaming, dancing, discussion sessions and artistic material developed during the pandemia will seamlessly interlock. taking no self-evidence that we share the same experiences, we wish to enable expression of and listening to the differences of voices and create space and time for a heterogenous survey.


the two days will be hybrid in their form. johan and antje appear via screen, noha and lea will be physically present at lake studios. they look forward to meeting people connecting in the widest sense with the dance field who also feel the need for retrospection.

ARCHIVE FORUMS: to receive a full length video of the past editions please email us.

REGISTRATION: Places are limited to 10 persons due to corona regulations. Please register with a short motivation and your CV by August 25th at:

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July 3 & 4 - Gabi Beier, Julek Kreutzer & Diethild Meier / ARTISTIC CURATION

August 28 & 29 - Lea Martini & Noa Ramadan

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Artist biographies*

johan forsman is part of the team running the platform and venue skogen in göteborg, Sweden. skogen tries to work with artists in longer collaborations with an ambition to learn and think together. In the last years skogen also became a publisher and a press, and we develop software to organize artist driven spaces or local communities, and to manage and share common resources.

as modernity is collapsing in global crises,  we believe in getting entangled in various art initiatives and local community processes and in concrete, practical issues around how we live, work and eat, and in how resources are used, owned and shared.

lea martini works internationally in the field of dance making / transmitting / performing. berlin is her homebase. attracted by intense physicalities she started out by learning gymnastics and later found her way into the world of contemporary dance. pieces she‘s part of – often created in collective structures- are physical approaches and realisation of socio-political issues. lea is part of psr, a collective running and envisioning heizhaus, a space between artistic laboratory and cultural neighbourhood centre at uferstudios berlin. 

antje pfundtner in Gesellschaft (APiG) stands for different artistic  activities of Hamburg based choreographer Antje Pfundtner, developed together with core team A. Kersting (dramaturgy), H. Melder  (production management) and J.Lüthje (distribution) and collaborating guest. APiG creates stage works and initiates formats of artistic sharing.

noha ramadan (they/them) is a dancer, performer and educator based in Amsterdam. Their artistic work starts with the body and manifests as 
text, performance and moving image, creating situations in which perception and logic are destabilised, allowing subjects to appear as 
suggestive and poetic traits. Noha is co-founder of Jacuzzi, an artist-run space at the crossroads of performance, visual arts, and  time-based media in Amsterdam. They graduated from Das Choreography in 2017 and are a mentor and teacher at the School for New Dance Development and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.




Saturday 28 August


14:00   OPENING

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Sunday 29 August


10:00   OPENING 

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